Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Mediators are dreamy idealists, and in the pursuit of the perfect relationship, this quality shows strongest. Never short on imagination, Mediators dream of the perfect relationship, forming an image of this pedestalled ideal that is their soul mate, playing and replaying scenarios in their heads of how things will be. This is a role that no person can hope to fill, and people with the Mediator personality type need to recognize that nobody’s perfect, and that relationships don’t just magically fall into place – they take compromise, understanding and effort.

Mediator romantic relationships

Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None

Fortunately these are qualities that Mediators are known for, and while it can be a challenge to separate long-fostered fantasy from reality, Mediators’ tendency to focus their attention on just a few people in their lives means that they will approach new relationships wholeheartedly, with a sense of inherent value, dedication and trust.

Mediators share a sincere belief in the idea of relationships – that two people can come together and make each other better and happier than they were alone, and they will take great efforts to show support and affection in order to make this ideal a reality.

But Mediators aren’t necessarily in a rush to commit – they are, after all, Prospecting (P) types, and are almost always looking to either establish a new relationship or improve an existing one – they need to be sure they’ve found someone compatible. In dating, Mediators will often start with a flurry of comparisons, exploring all the ways the current flame matches with the ideal they’ve imagined. This progression can be a challenge for a new partner, as not everyone is able to keep up with Mediators’ rich imagination and moral standards – if incompatibilities and conflict over this initial rush mount, the relationship can end quickly, with Mediators likely sighing that “it wasn’t meant to be.”

As a relationship takes hold, people with the Mediator personality type will show themselves to be passionate, hopeless romantics, while still respecting their partners’ independence. Mediators take the time to understand those they care about, while at the same time helping them to learn, grow and change. While Mediators are well-meaning, not everyone appreciates what can come across as constantly being told that they need to improve – or, put another way, that they’re not good enough. Mediators would be aghast to find that their intents were interpreted this way, but it’s a real risk, and if their partner is as averse to conflict as Mediators themselves, it can boil under the surface for some time before surfacing, too late to fix.

Better Three Hours Too Soon Than a Minute Too Late

This aversion to conflict, while contributing greatly to stability in the relationship when done right, is probably the most urgent quality for Mediators to work on. Between their sensitivity and imagination, Mediators are prone to internalizing even objective statements and facts, reading into them themes and exaggerated consequences, sometimes responding as though these comments are metaphors designed to threaten the very foundations of their principles. Naturally this is almost certainly an overreaction, and Mediators should practice what they preach, and focus on improving their ability to respond to criticism with calm objectivity, rather than irrational accusations and weaponized guilt.

But that’s at their uncommon worst – at their best, Mediators do everything they can to be the ideal partner, staying true to themselves and encouraging their partners to do the same. Mediators take their time in becoming physically intimate so that they can get to know their partners, using their creativity to understand their wants and needs, and adapt to them. People with this personality type are generous in their affection, with a clear preference for putting the pleasure of their partners first – it is in knowing that their partners are satisfied that Mediators truly feel the most pleasure.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Letting go is knowing that there’s a future

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. -Matthew 6:34

How time flies, it has been 2 years in this organisation. There are many changes (still happening and more to come) and I thank God for the opportunity to be here. I grew, made friends and learnt more about myself. It is the process of self-discovery that leads to this:

Perhaps it is time to move on.

I thought that I can (or rather,should) hang on until I graduate but maybe, just maybe, the time has come for me. I have no idea what is in store but I pray that God will show me the way. When He closes one door, another opens.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11

^A timely reminder

6 more months to the end of 2017.
What have I achieved so far?
Yup, I need a solitary moment

Friday, April 14, 2017


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T-10 days to a much needed temporary relief.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First challenge of 2017

Yes, I started 2017 with a food ban that includes fast food, fried food, processed food, sweetened beverages and...

Except, mine is not for 21 days but for 3 MONTHS. My discipline towards food? ZERO. NADA. Sweetened drinks? Not an issue because I hardly touch them but desserts? What more McDonald is having twister fries right now! What am I doing to myself?! You can imagine the pain and oh, I am not looking forward to Chinese New Year. 

Regretting as the days go by, why didn't I set 1 month? 21 days? I used to want to go on a diet but it always fail at the 2nd day. Everyone look down on my resolution for eating clean. Don't get me wrong, I eat and love veggies. But at the same time, I love eating all kinds of food and yes, that includes unhealthy ones.

I feel that I should do something about my diet to speed up the recovery of the outbreak on my face. Yes, I still cannot get over it. Went for facial and first time the lady told me: "You have to come back next month (I went on the previous month) before CNY. *cries*

On the bright side, I survived day 3 (and hopefully counting on) so yay!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Perception of a self is not simply about actuality

Looking back, 2016 has been a blessed year (as always) despite feeling anything but accomplished.  
  • I managed to juggle both work and school (yay to surviving the first year of uni!)
  • Played for SIM for both IVP and Sunnig - playing on court with ex-team mates (another yay!)
  • Introduced to the world of darts (my other pathway?)
  • Did a (semi) solo trip to Australia (more solo trips to come!)
  • A family trip to Japan (another yay!)
  • Started Maple again due to friends' influences (don't judge)
  • Experienced the worst outbreak on my face ever (still feeling deeper-than-the-ocean sad about it)
  • Ended a relationship (hey, still friends!)
  • Put on weight (dude, who doesn't?)
  • Learnt that not all friends are worth it, some are destined (or rather, choose) to be acquaintances only (sad but true)

With my goldfish memory, these are based on Facebook uploads so I am convinced that I actually achieved way more than mentioned, ok. Give me some credits. 

Not going to come up with a list of 2017 resolution because I know I will not abide, right? Where got time? So I say...

Bring it on, 2017!

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world

"Travel has a way of stretching the mind. The stretch comes not from travel’s immediate rewards, the inevitable myriad new sights, smells and sounds, but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently what we believed to be right and only way."

Thank you God for the protection and blessing throughout this trip. 日本, it was good while it lasted and I will definitely be back xx